Latest News
16/12/15 - Excellent Guardian article on Thameside prison HERE. Like all private prisons they use our prisoner self-service.
30/11/15 - Any payments made to HMP Thameside Thurs/Fri will be allocated to the recipients account today. Thameside send their apolgies for the delay
16/09/14 - Please ensure you have quoted the correct NOMS number when sending in deposits to your recipient. If the payment is allocated to another person’s account in error, the prison may not be able to transfer to the correct account at a later date due to the funds being spent.
30/06/14 - Please be aware that some establishment do not allow you to send funds to unauthorised recipients. If you are unsure please check with the prison concerned, they will be able to confirm who your authorised recipient is. Not doing so could result in suspended payments. Thank you.

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This services enables you to send money to prisoners in the UK and Irish prisons that operate our service from any computer.


Secure payment service is a safer, faster, more secure way to pay online with, your payments sent directly to the prison.

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